Why Move to an Independent Living Community if I Don’t Need Living Assistance?

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If you currently enjoy an active lifestyle and don’t require assistance in your daily life, you may wonder why you’d want to move to an independent living community.

Even if you’re managing life perfectly well on your own, you can benefit from the many services and amenities provided in independent living communities. Here are some of the top reasons to consider making a move.

No More Household Maintenance

Some people truly enjoy yard work and household chores like cleaning gutters, mopping floors and washing windows. Most people, however, can think of many ways they’d prefer to spend their time.

In an independent living community, you won’t need to worry about climbing ladders to replace outdoor light bulbs, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, pulling weeds, or any other maintenance tasks. With maintenance and landscaping provided, and personalized housekeeping services available, you can spend your time on activities you enjoy.

Delicious Meals

If you love cooking, you certainly can continue to do so in an independent living community. You also can enjoy a range of delicious, healthy, chef-prepared meals — in your choice of dining venues.

Grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterward are not necessary to savor a variety of delectable fare every day of the week in your independent living community. A dietitian ensures that meals are healthy and meet nutritional requirements, and special diet needs typically can be accommodated as well.

Hobbies and Activities

Everyone gets bored from time to time, but for people who live alone, isolation and boredom can become especially problematic. In an independent living community, you’ll have access to a wide assortment of classes, lectures, social gatherings, clubs, hobbies and more.

Within your community, you can enjoy entertainment from visiting performers and musicians. If you like a little adventure, you can participate in day trips to area museums, natural areas, historical attractions and sightseeing spots. An independent living community will provide you with seemingly unlimited options for keeping your body and brain fit.

Stress-Free Transportation

Driving can be stressful for everyone, and it can pose even more challenges as people age. In an independent living community, you can take advantage of provided transportation.

Whether you need to go to a medical appointment or just do a little shopping, you’ll find options available for getting there without the hassles of navigating, dealing with traffic and pumping gas. It’s even possible to live without a vehicle and avoid the cost and required maintenance tasks.

Common Spaces and Amenities

Independent living communities offer a variety of beautifully designed spaces, along with amenities that can enhance your everyday enjoyment of life. The community you choose may offer a well-equipped fitness center, an art studio, a computer center and other useful common areas.

Proximity to natural areas, scenic views, and availability of many events in the surrounding community also are among the benefits of making an independent living community your home.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Residents of independent living communities can feel confident that their safety is top of mind for staff members. With 24-hour security services in place in your community, you’ll gain peace of mind that trained employees are keeping a watchful eye on the campus at all times.

In addition, you’ll find many community features that enhance safety. Non-slip flooring, ample lighting and emergency call systems are among the thoughtful touches intended to ensure your privacy and security.

Opportunities to Connect

Few activities in life are more important than maintaining connections with other people. In an independent living community, you will find multiple opportunities to socialize and spend time with friends old and new.

Research has found that as people age, staying social can boost health, including improving physical mobility. Whether you attend lectures, join a club, dine with friends, or attend a fitness class, you’ll find ample options for connecting with others in independent living.

Independent Living at Lake Park

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