Tips for Selecting a Senior Apartment Floor Plan to Fit Your Needs

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Selecting a senior apartment floor plan that meets all your needs may seem daunting, especially when you have a lifetime accumulation of possessions and memorabilia to think about. As you prepare for your next move, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you find the best senior apartment floor plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Private Outdoor Spaces

Sure, the community has communal outdoor spaces where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors in the company of others, but sometimes you may want to sit outside in your own private space, much the same as in the backyard of your current home. If this is important to you, then find an apartment that has a private patio or balcony that is accessible only from your apartment. This will give you space to enjoy the outdoors privately. Even if there’s only room for a chair and a small bistro table, it’s a wonderful place to escape. It also provides you with a place to grow potted flowers or vegetables or hang a hummingbird feeder.

Storage Considerations

You’ve spent your whole life collecting the things with which you now surround yourself. Many of the items serve to remind you of special times spent with special family and friends.

Look at the floor plan to determine how much storage exists. If it’s not sufficient for your needs or desires, do you have the room to create storage space? Analyze the floor plan to determine if there are other ways you can add storage to eliminate clutter such as an armoire or shelves, especially shelving with doors.

No matter how hard it may be, you’ll need to downsize when moving to a senior apartment. Consider your options carefully.

  • Select a few items as most important, those you do not want to live without
  • Take pictures of other items, then store those pictures on your computer, phone or in a photo album. It may not be exactly the same, but when you look at the pictures, they will help you relive the memories just like the item does.
  • If you cannot yet part with some of the items, find a place to store them such as in a relative’s attic or in a storage building
  • Get an apartment with an extra bedroom that you can use for storage. This may be costly, but it is an option, especially if you have hobbies that require lots of supplies, tools or equipment such as sewing or quilting.

Kitchen Considerations

If you enjoy cooking, you probably have lots of spices, kitchen tools and cookware that will require storage. Even after your downsizing efforts, does the kitchen have ample storage for your needs?  Make sure you have enough counter space for food prep and cooking, plus plenty of space for storage of all your gadgets.

If the kitchen is a typical gathering place in your home, is the kitchen in the apartment you are considering large enough for you to continue to do so? Or, does the apartment have an open concept so the living area and kitchen are open to each other? This will enable you to do much the same.

Is an island important to you? If the apartment does not have one, consider purchasing a free-standing one, making sure there is enough space to do so.

Entertainment Considerations

Do you enjoy entertaining family and friends in your home? This means you’ll want to consider more than having enough kitchen space to do so. You will also want a larger living area space as well. Will the furniture that is important for you to have when entertaining fit in the space? You may need to make paper cutouts to experiment with the layout to make sure.

Look for an open floor plan so that your guests have enough space to relax and move comfortably – one that doesn’t cause people to be cut off from each other in another room. An open floor plan will also enable you to enjoy your guests as you prepare items in the kitchen.

Space Considerations

Does the apartment have the right space allocations for you? Space issues you may want to consider include:

  • Space to do hobbies and to store hobby materials and supplies
  • Space to entertain
  • Space for furniture that is important to you
  • Areas in which to retreat for privacy and larger common areas when the apartment is shared with someone else

Furniture Considerations

Look at the furniture you currently have and consider how it will fit in the layout of the floor plan. Determine if any furniture you currently use will be moving into the apartment. Make cutouts of the furniture pieces and arrange them in the floor plan to make sure they will fit in the apartment you are considering. Apartments can be much smaller than the typical home, be careful of using oversized furniture which can make a room feel smaller than it actually is.

In closing, take the time to consider what your must-haves are before you begin looking for your next senior apartment. The key to finding the right floor plan is to consider what works for your specific needs.

Be sure to consider your possible future wants and needs as well, including finances. Typically, your income does not substantially increase, especially after you have retired. But, costs of apartments may increase annually. Understanding this, when selecting your next home, you don’t want to pick a floor plan that makes you feel financially strained (now or in the future). This will make it increasingly more difficult each year to cover the cost of your apartment.

Multiple Floors Plans Available at Lake Park

Lake Park, a retirement community located in Oakland, CA has many different floor plans from which to choose including studio, alcove, one- and two-bedroom options.

  • Our cozy studio apartment, which offers maximum privacy and convenience, includes a full kitchen and private bath. Many also have balconies positioned off the main living area.
  • Our alcove apartment, which offers 650 square feet of convenience and flexibility, includes a full kitchen, full private bath and additional space that provides a private sleeping area
  • Our junior one-bedroom apartment offers a more manageable living space of 632 square feet with all the comforts of a standard bedroom including a separate living area, full kitchen and full private bath
  • Our one-bedroom with one-bathroom apartment provides 830 square feet of living space. The apartment comes with a separate living area, kitchen and full private bath. Many plans also include a private balcony. One-bedroom with two-bathrooms apartments are also available.
  • Our two-bedroom apartments include two full baths (one dedicated to the master bedroom) and an open concept kitchen and living room. Each bedroom features its own private balcony.

Go to our floor plans page to view sample apartment floor plans. If you have any questions about our apartments, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

As a continuing care retirement community, Lake Park offers a full continuum of care, spanning the spectrum of living options from independent living to skilled nursing care and everything in between. When you become part of the Lake Park family, we are prepared to provide for all your care needs, even as they change. Never again will you have to go through the hassle of locating a new community because you require more or less care. Never again will you have to leave your friends behind or struggle to find your place in the community because you had to relocate. Lake Park offers long-term stability as you age and as your care needs change. Contact us to learn more. Be sure to download our Senior Living Guide. We want to help you make the best choices for your future.

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