Senior Living Myths Debunked


There are many misconceptions about senior living. People once thought of retirement living as sad or lonely; that it is a place where only the frail live. The good news is that nothing could be further from the truth – senior living offers a vibrant and exciting alternative to the burdens of living alone.

Here are a few senior living myths, and a few of the real facts about the many benefits of senior living.

Don’t Believe These Senior Myths!

Myth: Residents are dissatisfied with senior living

Residents are overwhelming happy with assisted living. The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) recently performed a survey of assisted living facility residents. In that survey, 94 percent of the respondents said that they were satisfied with the overall quality of life, 93 were satisfied with the level of independence gained from living in that type of community, and 90 percent were satisfied with the quality of care they received.

Myth: Moving into a retirement community means the fun is over

On the contrary! Moving into a retirement community can mean the fun is just beginning! Easy access to major thoroughfares and public transportation makes shopping, going to cultural and sporting events, visiting the doctor, attending church, volunteering, and spending time with friends and family easier.

Myth: There is nothing to do

There may be more to do in a senior living facility than in your own home. You can exercise in a private fitness room, for example, or join in book discussions, take a creative writing seminar, or spend time in the computer center. The best part is that you never have to worry about traveling to the fitness center in bad weather or worry about maintaining a computer.

Myth: There is no time to do anything

Because of the wide varieties of amenities offered, such as meal preparation, many people living in these communities find they have more time to do the things they love.

Myth: Assisted living communities are only for people who were in the hospital

More than three out of four residents of an assisted living community moved there from their homes, so only a small percentage moved there directly from a hospital, rehabilitation facility or nursing home.

Myth: Senior living facilities are only temporary housing

In fact, more than 35 percent of residents stay for a year or longer, 16 percent stay three years or longer and 15 percent stay longer than five years.

Myth: Senior living is the same as a nursing home

Not at all! There are many types of senior living communities offering a variety of senior services. Independent living facilities allow residents to follow their interests without the worry of maintaining a house by offering amenities such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and linen service. Assisted living is for those seniors who enjoy their independence but just need a little help with dressing, bathing, medication and other daily activities. Skilled nursing is for those residents who need more assistance and care.

Myth: The housing is boring

The best full-service retirement communities offer spectacular views of the city, water or other points of interest.

Myth: The apartments are small

Modern floor plans now offer a variety of living options, from studios to two-bedroom apartments.

Myth: The food is terrible

High quality senior living facilities hire chefs and other culinary professionals to create healthy and delicious meals.

Myth: Residents just sit around all the time

Access to top-notch exercise equipment, fitness classes, and even a professional exercise physiologist keeps many residents busy, active and healthy.

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