Lake Park Scores High Marks for Walkability


Lake Park Retirement Community in Oakland, CA has recently been ranked 97 out of 100 walkability score at This ranking places Lake Park in the elite category of “Walker’s Paradise.” Walking is a way of life for many people and the walkability of a community is important, especially as we age. According to Dr. Michael Pratt of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, “Walking is a tremendously good activity for senior citizens. It’s cheap. It’s simple. Almost anybody can do it. Walking has a multitude of health benefits for everyone. It helps seniors. It has very real benefits for maintaining mobility and independence.”

Take in the Views While You Walk

While walking through Lake Park you’ll be in awe of the majestic scenery, both man-made in the spectacular architecture as well as the beauty of nature. Take a morning walk along the banks of the Lake Merritt. Look out across the East Bay Hills and over to the bay. Breathe in the fresh air as you wander along the sidewalks past beautiful trees and exquisite landscaping. Each building and amenity is designed not only for function, but aesthetical appeal as well.

Get All of Your Errands Done

At Lake Park, you don’t need to worry about a car to run your daily errands. You can easily get out and get things crossed off your to-do list because everything you need is within walking distance. You can pick up groceries at the “Gourmet Market” just one block over from the community or head over to CVS for your pharmacy needs. If you need to mail a package, the UPS store is just a ten-minute walk away and you can stop at one of the dozens of local coffee shops along the way.

Walk Around Downtown

Lake Park Retirement Community is in the ideal location for relaxation and entertainment. You can take a nice stroll along the lake and admire the beautiful scenery at the nearby parks. Visit Snow Park, where you can read a book as you enjoy the shade of majestic trees or take a swing at the golf putting green or mini-course. At Lakeside Park there is always something new to see. Stop by The Gardens, the Bonsai Garden, and the Japanese Garden to take in the natural beauty of plants and flowers. Check out one of the oldest Wildlife Refuges in North America as you bird watch off the islands on the lake. Take a quick walk downtown and you’re sure to find your favorite entertainment. Numerous restaurants, bakeries and cafes line the streets – perfect for every appetite. Between the Oakland Museum, Central Library, local theatres and many other places to go, there’s always something new to see.

Lake Park Retirement Community is proud to provide residents an active, social and independent lifestyle. With breathtaking views, great food, culture, services, fitness and easy access to the community only a short stroll away Lake Park in Oakland, CA is a walker’s retirement destination.