Improve Strength And Balance With 5 Daily Exercises


As you grow older, it becomes increasingly important to stay active and healthy. While you don’t necessarily have to be fit enough to run a marathon, regular low impact exercises, including walking, are great for lowering your risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even some cancers. Additionally, with a regular exercise routine, you are more likely to see changes in your energy levels, your overall mood and your well-being.

But staying active doesn’t always require a gym membership or fancy exercise equipment. In fact, with just a few simple exercises you can slowly work to improve your overall strength and balance. Whether you choose to train alone or at the gym with your pals is up to you!

5 Simple Exercises to Help Seniors Improve Strength and Balance

1. Knee Bends
Begin by holding on to a sturdy counter or chair at one side, keeping your back straight and feet planted firmly on the ground. While holding firmly to your support, gently bend your knees and lower your body. Raise your body back to start and repeat for 10-15 reps.

2. Side Leg Raises
Once again holding on to a counter or chair at your side, raise one leg out to the side and bring it back down. Repeat this motion 10-15 times, then switch to the other leg.

3. Clock Reach
Start by holding onto a chair with your left hand. Next, visualize a clock with the 12 in front and 6 behind. Standing on your left leg, bring your right arm to 12 o’clock. Then reach to 3 and 6 o’clock. Switch to the right side and repeat. Complete a total of 5-10 reps.

4. Sit to Stand
Sit down in a dining chair and rise up to a standing position, with your arms outstretched in front of you. Sit back down and take a deep breath. Repeat exercise 10 times. With this move, it’s important to make sure that the chair is in a stable position or up against a wall so that it won’t fall over as you attempt to rise.

5. Balancing Wand
This exercise can be completed in a seated position. Hold a wand, broomstick or cane in your dominant hand. With your body pressing firmly against the seat back, focus your line of sight at the top of the wand and begin balancing. Attempt to balance the wand for 1 minute. Switch to your non-dominant hand and repeat.

Stay Fit and Active with Regular Exercise

Maintaining your strength and balance as you age doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In fact, with senior exercise programs, you can stay fit and make new friends. As a full service retirement community, helping our residents stay happy and healthy is our top priority. For more information on staying fit as you grow older or to take a closer look at the Lake View Fitness Center, be sure to visit the team at Lake Park online today.