How are Life Plan Communities and Independent Living Communities Different?

Independent Living

Life Plan communities and independent living communities have subtle differences, but both options are incredibly varied themselves. Senior living communities are sprouting up across the country, giving numerous options to active adults who are seeking a comfortable, carefree and social retirement. In most cases, independent living is a piece of the larger puzzle that is a Life Plan community. Learn more about each community, including their similarities and differences, in this article.

Life Plan Communities

A Life Plan community is also known as a CCRC—or a continuing care retirement community. Life Plan communities offer independent living options as an entry point into their continuum of care. As a resident’s health needs change, healthcare providers are readily available on campus to assist them. This structure of senior living allows individuals to live their best and fullest life, independently, with the comfort of knowing support is available when needed. There are numerous levels of care in a Life Plan community. Some of these options may include: memory care, assisted living care, skilled nursing care and more.

Consistent Care

Life Plan communities offer guaranteed, consistent care for adults as they navigate their retirement years. As we get older, simple tasks often become more and more difficult to do. Whether you have a hard time getting around, performing activities of daily living (ADLs) or have a difficult time tracking medication, Life Plan communities have personalized support for every individual and their unique situation. Since active individuals move into a Life Plan community and stay for years to come, these communities offer a high degree of age diversity.

Day-to-Day Life

Possibly the biggest benefit of a Life Plan community is its support in day-to-day living. While a resident in a Life Plan community may not think about their future need for care, it is still available to them whenever they need it. In the meantime, they can enjoy life to its fullest in a community that encourages independence.

If you’re looking for a new home to age in place with peace of mind, consider a Life Plan community. The community’s provider can assist residents with financing, healthcare accessibility and transportation so they can continue to live life without worry.

Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities are a prime choice for those who want to continue their normal routine, while enjoying the many benefits of living in a senior living community. These communities are often filled with diverse homes, apartments and condos, perfect for entertaining family and friends. While they do not offer substantial medical options on their campus, the community is often located near hospitals or medical centers that do. Centered around self-governed schedules, lifestyle and housing, independent living communities are renowned for their many levels of mobility.

A High Degree of Socialization

Independent living communities often foster a unique sense of comradery among their residents, which promotes engagement within the community. With numerous services and amenities,  clubs and groups available to keep residents active and healthy, they can live their best lives and thrive among like-minded people. Once the stressors of home ownership are removed, individuals are free to pursue their passions and bond with others over similar hobbies or life experiences.

Community-guided activities still exist, of course, but independent living communities aren’t frequently guided by administration. In the past, retirement was a time of relaxation and rest. Many modern seniors, however, favor active lifestyles and intellectually rich environments.

Maintenance and Lifestyle Options

Life Plan communities may offer general upkeep as a part of their continuum of care, but independent living residents aren’t on their own, either. In many cases, residents can pay an additional fee to receive help with ongoing exterior home maintenance. These communities may also have a maintenance team on hand that can help with issues inside or outside the home. This assistance can help residents reallocate their free time and pursue their own interests, rest and learn new things at their leisure.

Most independent living communities, like Life Plan communities, offer meal plans and have premier dining options that make it easy for residents to balance their diet and lifestyle. Residents can eat together in a restaurant-style setting or decide to cook and host friends on their own.

While independent living communities give residents the freedom to keep their own car and drive themselves as they desire, it’s not their only option. In many cases, public transportation services are available giving residents immediate access to medical offices, local events, parks and local hotspots.

Security Systems Bred from Independence

While most senior living communities offer around-the-clock security, independent living tends to offer an extra level of protection. Since such communities thrive with ongoing resident activities and schedules, their security staff is outfitted with all the necessary tools used to assist those living alone.

Some independent living communities even have programs in place to assist with immediate care. This both upholds resident independence while assuring the highest level of security available. From fire suppression systems to on-site staff, seniors living alone benefit from systems tailored around their independence.

Choosing the Right Residency

Both Life Plan and independent living communities have a lot to offer. Generally, those who anticipate needing ongoing medical treatment find Life Plan communities suit their needs a little better. On the other hand, independent living offers much more flexibility, which allows residents to pursue assisted living on their own terms.

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