Get Creative This Spring


Creativity does not come in a “one size fits all.” The important thing to remember is that everyone is creative. We are born creative. Just ask internationally renowned fine artist John Paul Caponigro, one of the most creative visual artists working today. “The human being is a creative species,” he stated during his TED talk, You’re a Lot More Creative Than You Think You Are. To prove his point, he continues, “Have you ever seen a kid who isn’t creative? … Everyone is born creative.”

It seems like a pretty plausible statement. As a child, you picked up a crayon or pencil and demonstrated your ability to create. Or you got really creative trying to figure out ways to outsmart your parents. If you are not creative at this point in your life, you need to once again begin flexing your creativity muscle.

Benefits of Creativity

Each of us has different passions, talents and skills. We are born with our passions and talents, but we can develop our skills. So, if you have a desire to become an artist, you can work to develop those skills. It will be harder if you are not talented in that skillset, and you may never be as good as someone who has tremendous talent, but you can enjoy the creation process of painting all the same.

Creativity, or the act of creating, has many benefits which include:

  • Creativity is an amazing stress reliever. Doing something you love and enjoy makes you happy. Finding a creative outlet that provides these feelings will reduce your stress levels. Additionally, these activities allow you to escape from anything that is stressing you at this moment in your life. As the creative process provides that escape, time just seems to melt away. Hours seem like minutes, but those hours were a welcome break to your overtaxed brain and body.
  • As you create, you become a better problem solver. We often face various obstacles as we create “our masterpiece.” Whether it be finding the right word when writing, picking the right color and hue when painting or overcoming a flaw in the wood while doing carpentry, all require problem solving.
  • Creativity has been shown to reduce depression and provide a greater sense of wellbeing.
  • Meeting with a group of people to share a creative activity or to talk about a creative activity, such as a bonsai club or a photography club, develops a sense of community and reduces isolation and loneliness.

The changes creativity produces inside our bodies are amazingly real. In a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, the physical act of writing improved the CD4+lymphocyte counts of HIV patients. In plain English that means writing impacted the cells in their bodies improving their immune systems. Creativity doesn’t just make you “feel” better; it can cause real, physical changes to take place within your body.

Creative Activities

There are many ways to be creative. In fact, the list is only limited by your own creativity. Here is a small list of activities to get you started:

  • Writing short stories, fiction, your autobiography, a novel, poetry, etc.
  • Photography: taking pictures of people, landscapes, animals, flowers, sunsets, etc. Developing them in color, black and white, sepia, etc. Manipulating them with a computer program to add textures, blending, combine/overlay multiple images, etc.
  • Painting using watercolors, acrylics, oils, chalk, etc.
  • Coloring using colored pencils, colored pens, gel pens, felt tip markers, etc.
  • Drawing and sketching using graphite, ink, chalk, etc.
  • Playing a musical instrument and writing music
  • Working with textiles such as rugmaking, crocheting, knitting, felting, cross stitching, needlepoint, weaving, etc. Designing your own patterns.
  • Jewelry making
  • Floral arranging using silk or real flowers
  • Sewing or designing your own clothes. Drawing designs of clothing just for the fun of it.
  • Pottery
  • Leather working

For even more inspiration, walk up and down the aisles of any arts and craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or MJ Designs.

Creativity brings happiness. Being creative is fun. It brings joy and improves your quality of life. It can even increase your health and well-being. What are you waiting for? Time to get creative!

Lake Park, located in beautiful Oakland, CA, offers a variety of amenities and activities to help get those creative juices flowing. Take advantage of our many services, such as weekly housekeeping, so you have more time to chase your creative endeavors. To learn more about our beautiful full-service community, contact us today.