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Life Care Services Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power
Category: News
It’s a Proud Time to Live at Lake Park. Our management company, Life Care Services®, an LCS® Company, ranked highest in customer satisfaction with independent living senior living communities two . . . Read More
Long Term Planning: When To Start And What To Consider
Category: News
When it comes to making a long-term plan for how and where to live as we age, you’d be hard pressed to find many who don’t see the value in thinking through such an important issue. But . . . Read More
Our Favorite Emotional Wellness Apps for Seniors
Category: News
Most of us appreciate the importance of physical wellness both now and as we age. Intellectual wellness too has garnered more attention as we learn about the effects aging can have on our cognitive . . . Read More
How Moving to a Retirement Community Can Help Seniors Feel More Independent
Category: News
We don’t fear the unknown; what we fear is losing the known. If you’re like most seniors, you want to retain as much freedom and self-direction as you can. You already know what you like and how . . . Read More
Coronavirus Update
Category: News
To The Lake Park Retirement Community, The health and safety of residents living in our community is our top priority, and we are closely monitoring the ongoing situation regarding the coronavirus . . . Read More
Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors
Category: News
Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors at Lake Park
Getting the flu is never fun; however, adults age 65 and up are often impacted by the illness far worse than any other age group. As your body ages, your immune system begins to weaken, which puts . . . Read More
Ways Senior Living Improves Quality of Life
Category: News
drinking tea
As you get older, the subject of retirement living options becomes a hot topic. Although many older adults want to continue living in their own home, this option may not be the best choice for them. . . . Read More
Signs You Should Consider an Assisted Living Community
Category: Assisted Living, News
drinking tea
The lifestyle of aging adults is vastly different today than it was just 20 years ago. Both men and women are living, and staying home, longer. Many are looking to retirement as a time of rest, . . . Read More
Home Safety Checklist for Older Adults
Category: News
Even in senior communities such as Lake Park, where safety considerations have been carefully designed into each living space, additional steps can be taken to ensure a safe home environment. A home . . . Read More
Skilled Nursing vs. Memory Care
Category: News, Skilled Nursing
looking at the ocean
Finding care for an individual with dementia means evaluating multiple options, and making the best choice can present challenges. If your relative has health conditions in addition to dementia, you . . . Read More