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"This community has really met my needs very well"

Meet Jean McCarter

Jean McCarter is no stranger to relocation. The child of missionaries, she has moved nearly a dozen times in the course of her life. But in 2012, when she moved from 1,900-square-foot home to her new, 900-square foot apartment at Lake Park, she knew she would need some assistance. Fortunately, the staff at Lake Park was ready to help.

Settling … and simplifying

Growing up, Jean lived in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky and South Carolina. She traveled to Virginia and Connecticut with her husband as he completed his studies in religion, and in 1979, when he accepted the position of president of Pacific School of Religion, the couple moved to California.

When Jean’s husband retired in 1991, the couple moved to Dylan Beach. They lived there until 2000, when they sold their house, and moved to a nearby retirement community in Walnut Creek where they could set aside some of the chores associated with owning a home.

From planning to packing – assisting with the move

Jean’s husband passed away in 2006, and after a few years of living on her own, Jean realized that she needed to move somewhere that offered a higher level of care.

After looking at several other communities, she chose Lake Park – several friends from church were residents, and it offered the range of services she wanted. Before she moved in September 2012, Jean faced the daunting challenge of consolidating her 1,900-square-foot home in Walnut Creek. Jean admits the prospect of downsizing was a little overwhelming. But Lake Park arrived with help.

“Lake Park had people to help me move, starting with someone who came to Walnut Creek, showed me a floor plan of where I would be moving, and helped me arrange things in my new apartment on paper before I even packed my first box,” Jean says. “I couldn’t have done it without their help.”

Now settled into her Lake Park apartment, Jean is enjoying the many other services, programs and amenities of her new home.

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