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"It’s nice to have other people to share life with – and count on, if needed."

A retired ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, Dr. Jou Tchao has spent most of his career helping others to see more clearly and enjoy a healthier outlook on life. Now, as a resident of Lake Park, he is able to focus on his own vision for retirement — and is ready to share some perspective on what it’s like to live in this extraordinary community.

Great People. Beautiful Scenery. Good Conversation.

Jou and his wife Mabel moved to Lake Park in 2013. Both originally from China, Jou and Mabel met in Chicago, where he was doing his residency after graduating from medical school at the University of Paris; and she was conducting research at the University of Chicago, after teaching in Hong Kong for eight years. From there, they decided to move to Lewiston, Maine, where Jou and Mabel could start his practice and their family – close to the allure of the French-Canadian culture and tranquil mountain landscape, which Jou so loved.

It was in Maine that Jou and Mabel spent 47 years enjoying life in a small town and the adventure of the great outdoors. The promise of warmer weather eventually brought them west to Reno. But, when their son and daughter in San Francisco urged them to move closer, it was Lake Park’s small-town atmosphere and cross-culture of opportunities that made them feel “right at home.”

“I love to continue learning. Everyone at Lake Park is welcoming and friendly. There’s a real atmosphere of support, wellness and preventative medicine … that’s important. There is also a lot of involvement and good conversation. Another resident is a trained cardiac surgeon and is so much fun to talk to. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Charles Townes, who developed the laser, also lived here. I REALLY enjoyed our conversations.”

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