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Lake Park consistently scores high marks from reviewers for outstanding services and amenities.

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Dr. Jou Tchao

“I love to continue learning. Everyone at Lake Park is welcoming and friendly. There’s a real atmosphere of support, wellness and preventative medicine… that’s important.”

Corinne Beauvais

Along with the location, Corinne loves the community’s diverse and active residents. “People here are really engaged and love to do things. They’ll say, ‘Oh, can I come along?’ or they’ll invite you to join them.”

Dr. Lawrence Saidman & Arlene Saidman

Especially appealing to both is the diverse community at Lake Park. “Everyone here has an interesting story. We’ve met some wonderful and welcoming people from across the country and a variety of backgrounds.”

Jean McCarter

“Lake Park had people to help me move, starting with someone who came to Walnut Creek, showed me a floor plan of where I would be moving, and helped me arrange things in my new apartment on paper before I even packed my first box,” Jean says. “I couldn’t have done it without their help.”

Kay Riddell

“Making the decision to move was the most generous thing he ever did for me,” Kay says. “He realized that it was in both of our best interests not to wait.”

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