Month: March 2018

Best Restaurants in Oakland, California

Everyone enjoys eating out, especially when the food is delightful, the atmosphere is unforgettable, and the meal is shared with family and friends. Oakland has many laid-back, destination-worthy restaurants … whatever kind of food you want, it’s here. The diversity of eating experiences available in this city is amazing. Below, you’ll find some of the […]

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Senior Smart Phone Safety

Technology has changed our lives dramatically. Things like dishwashers, TV remotes, computers and cell phones have made life so much easier than it once was. But at the same time, some of these items also open you up to certain dangers. Just like hackers, scammers and phishers attack you through your computer, the same individuals […]

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The Importance of Senior Dental Care

Did you know 25 percent of Americans don’t have all of their teeth by the age of 60? Dental health is an important aspect of an individual’s overall health, especially as they age. Several factors make this true. Some of these include: Medical conditions like arthritis make flossing and brushing difficult Having cognitive issues causing […]

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