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"It’s not just ethnic diversity here; it’s also experiential diversity."

Educator, writer, people-watcher, and deeply appreciative of Lake Park’s vibrant lakeside neighborhood and residents.

Pat Cross glances across Lake Merritt from her 6th floor Lake Park apartment, watching boats on the water and walkers on the shore. She’s surrounded by her well-stocked bookshelves and colorful art collected from world travels. An emeritus professor of higher education at UC Berkeley, Pat has also worked at Harvard, Cornell, the University of Illinois, and for the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey. Pat has a special love for the Bay Area’s scenic beauty, along with its rich diversity of people, activities, cuisine and culture that keep bringhing her back.

In Pat’s opinion Lake Park is a perfect home base for enjoying it all. As she planned her retirement, Pat wanted to live in a community that was intertwined with the Bay Area’s metropolitan rhythms.

Lake Park offers the best of many worlds, she says. It’s located in a vibrant city, in a diverse region, and home to a fascinating array of residents.

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